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January 30, 2005

No Soul Left BehindÖ!

And you [Moses] shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty.

Exodus 28:20

In the Old Testament, Moses was Godís leader.

God put him through an amazing training program, including being rescued from certain death, as a child, by the Princess of Egypt; nurtured by his own mother, for pay, till he was weaned; and brought up and educated in the Pharaohís court.

Moses had a heart for Godís people, the Jews, and tried to help end their suffering. He even killed an Egyptian beating a Hebrew! But God was going to deliver the Jews, through Moses. It just wasnít His way or timing. Moses still had more to learn before God could use him.

So, Moses entered ďphase 2Ē of Godís training program. He was ousted from Egypt into the desert. There, he wandered, ending up at a well. He protected a family that was watering their animals; and they, in turn, reached out to him. He stayed with them, married one of their daughters and became a shepherd, in the desert. And then...God called him.

It was a bush or tree that was on fire, but didnít burn up. It just kept burning. And Godís voice spoke to Moses. Only it was God, Himself. Because Godís presence was there, he told Moses to take his shoes offóhe was standing on holy ground.

God commissioned Moses to deliver His people, the Jews. And Moses, after feeling completely inadequate for the monumental task, accepted the assignment. And, for the next years of his, he personally carried out Godís campaign to rescue the Jews from the harsh, cruel taskmasters of Egypt.

Eventually, after many cataclysmic object lessons to Pharaoh, he let Godís people go! And they left and began a new phase in their life with God. He had rescued them through his trusty servant, the prophet Moses. And now, like a new marriage, Godís people were learning to walk in a love relationship with Him.

During this time, God set up a beautiful system for His people to draw near to Him. (He is, after all Almighty God. You donít approach the Creator of Heaven and Earth casually or disrespectfully.) He developed a special place, called the tabernacle. It was where Godís people could worship Him and communicate with Him. And He chose special people whose job was to interface between Himself and His people. Specifically, He chose Aaron, Moses brother, to be priest.

There were many precise details that went into making the tabernacle and into the procedures of the priest. The high priest had a holy garment, designed for glory and beauty.

It had 12 precious stones on its breastplate, standing for the 12 tribes of Israel, whose descendants became the nation Israel. They were on the breastplate, close to Aaronís heart. Godís people are close to His heart.

The garment also had blue, purple and scarlet (all royal colors) pomegranates all around the hem of the full length robe. It was highly ornamented-perhaps these were embroidered. Also, a gold bell hung between each pomegranate and jingled as Aaron performed his holy sacrifice, once a year (Yom Kipper), in the Holy of Holies.

All these things teach us of Godís deliverance of His people and of His holiness, beauty and love toward His people. The Jews are His chosen people and, through them, He sent His Son, Jesus, to deliver all people from bondageóinto a new, holy love relationship with Himself.

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