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November 27, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

 ĒOh, give thanks to the LORD! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples!Ē

Psalm 105:1

Every good and perfect gift that we enjoy is from the Father above. (James 1:17) We need to thank Him!

 The very breath we are breathing, the gift of sight that we enjoy and use everyday, physical health, being in our right mind, daily food, clothes, a car, the privilege of living in this great country, highly blessed of God, the privilege to vote for our leader instead of having a dictator, healthcare, jobs, Christmas gifts, friends, family, the Holy Scriptures, religious freedom, freedom of speech, these and many more gifts which we enjoy and use daily are ours because of Godís gracious Hand.

 To receive these gifts, and more, day after day, without any gratitude to Our Creator, is a telling statement of our hearts. It reveals a priggish attitude: I deserve these things! They are mine. Itís all about ME.

 This is not only an unattractive attitude, it is dangerous. Imagine, for a moment, that your Uncle Frank just gave you a check for $1,000,000.00. Itís yours. Your name is on it, and you go to the bank and put some in your money market, CD, savings, debit and checking accounts. Now, you are set for the holidays!

 Tomorrow, you bump into Uncle Frank. You donít say hi. You donít even take time to talk with him and see how his day is. You donít thank him. You donít offer to do something for him. Instead, you walk by, as though he isnít even there.

 This is rude. If it werenít for Uncleís kindness and generosity to you, you would not have what you now have. Itís very simple. Youíve received a great benefit from a great uncle. The appropriate thing to do is thank him, perhaps with a dinner in his honor or a framed poemówhatever you do to thank him shows the depth of your gratitude to him and shows your character.

 Once, in the Old Testament, King David was about to make a sacrifice to the LORD. It happened to be in a barn, and the owner of the property willingly gave the barn and all that was necessary, free of charge, to David, for the sacrifice. David refused to take it. He would not sacrifice to God without it costing him something. He paid the man the fair market value.

 Davidís example shows us the attitude we should have toward God. He should be our primary focus and our utmost priority. We should be speechless each day for all the wonder and glory He showers on us. We should be thanking him continually for His great character of purity, power and love and for the tremendous gift of His only Son, to make a way possible, from us to Him.

 Our God is awesome, holy and true. Heís the fulfillment of the longing of our hearts. He is the author of love, God is love, and He loves us.

 God, we thank You for You, for Your greatness and for all Your many, many blessings. And help us always to share them with others. In Jesus name, Amen.

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